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Niche Industry Applications
Traditional commerical software is written for large user bases. When your industry doesn't fit the mold, you often end up being forced to use the wrong software tools for your situation. We can design applications that fit the work you do.
Access Legacy Data
Sometimes technoglogy outgrows us. If you have important business data stored in a format that your current software no longer recognizes, we may be able to help you.
Supplement Existing Software
Off the shelve solutions can be like off the rack suits. The price was attractive, but the fit is just not quite right. We can help bridge the gap between "close enough" and "tailor-made"
Simplify Workflow
The way your software runs and the way your business runs should compliment each other. If your taking a lot of unneccessary steps, you're not operating at your highest potential. Matching your software to your workflow might be just the tune-up your business needs.

Retain Source Code
You can ask to have joint ownership of any source code included as a clause in your custom programming contract. That way, you are free to make additional modifications on your own.

Free Consultation
We're happy to talk to you about your business's programming needs and how SoftSense can help fill them. Just click on the "Get a Quote" button to the left and we'll be in touch.